Modular Rising, LLC is an expert custom home builder with over 25 years of unparalleled experience. We help clients save time and money without sacrificing quality. We have competitive prices and superior craftsmanship backed by a 10-year warranty.

Building a Modular Rising Home is simple and carefree. We are a full-service, turnkey company and will handle each step from start to finish. Once you choose a design, we take it from there!

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Four Reasons Why Customers Choose Modular Rising

Saves Time

Depending on the design, Modular Rising can build your home in as little as 12 weeks. Weather delays and the likes do not affect our construction. We use an efficient process to provide you with faster construction and a firm schedule.

Saves Money

Our homes are generally 20% less than traditional site-built homes. This means you save over 20 cents for every dollar. For example, our customers can save approximately $100,000 for a $500,000 site-built home. And the savings do not stop there. Homeowners also save on monthly utility expenses due to our installation of energy-efficient systems.

Superior Quality

Our homes are built in a closed environment, which protects them from elements like rain and heavy winds. We use revolutionary technology and provide high-quality energy-efficient systems. Our homes are extremely sturdy because we use precision tooling (resulting in straight ceilings and walls) and extra reinforcement (by screwing and gluing drywall and plywood sheathing). Modular Rising’s proficient method allows it to exceed building codes and surpass many traditional builders in quality craftsmanship.

Design Flexibility

Modular Rising can provide design selections, work directly with your architect, or custom design your floor plans. Your approvals will be based upon thorough plans and detailed CAD drawings. We can design any size home, from a 1,000 sq ft cottage to a 12,000 sq ft mansion.

Whether you are a growing family, young professional, or first-time homebuyer, Modular Rising is the right choice to build your dream home. Contact us for a free quote or to learn why we provide the BEST new home options.


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